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Dentalcare Orthodontics

The Inman Aligner video is an interesting guide to what braces can achieve and a proven treatment for your front teeth. We are happy to recommend this, or a solution for your unique needs.

At Dentalcare, we recognise the importance of orthodontic treatment and offer a wide range of removable, or fixed braces. We also believe good care matters and provide this through a specialist centre.

All patients at Westbury can be referred to our Swindon orthodontics unit, where they will receive the best possible treatment.

Swindon Orthodontics Unit

Straighter teeth and a fine smile are a gift we all deserve. Even with complex needs, modern orthodontics can achieve so much, why not see more on the treatment available:

Orthodontics at Swindon  
Arranging For Your Visit

Dentalcare patients are not charged for a referral, or for an in depth consultation with a dentist skilled in orthodontics. Just ask your dentist, or receptionist to arrange an:

Orthodontics Assessment