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NHS dental surgery with staff

Westbury NHS Dentist - Registration

NHS online registration

1. Please Note - We are currently unable to accept new NHS patients.

2. This is not a decision from Dentalcare and we continue to try to increase places.

3. If you wish to join our NHS waiting list. Please use our appointment form to:

Email Us Your Details  

4. An Alternative - Dentalcare have their own membership system similar to the NHS.

5. This is a unique Dentalcare option, created to offer all patients good treatment at fair cost.

6. The long term commitment to patients and a treatment banding structure remain:

See Independent Patients  

NHS Waiting List

Our waiting list is fairly maintained for all patients. Please make sure to tick "I am a new patient" on the appointment form. Our staff will contact you to discuss waiting times and options.

Patient Registration

The online system set up for NHS patients can be used for independent registration, taking just a few minutes.

Everyone registered as an independent patient will pay the lower, independent fee levels and you can pick an appointment time. See independent registration.

Instructions are on the registration page, if you need any assistance, call:

01373 858580

NHS Costs

We carry out NHS dental treatment within a national fee structure laid down by the Department of Health.

Complete details on costs, including a few examples and a handy table are given on our dental fees page.

Exempt treatment

If you are under 18, pregnant, or have had a baby within the last 12 months, NHS dental treatment is free.

Should you be in receipt of a number of benefits, or hold a certificate under a low income scheme, treatment may be free, or at reduced cost.

NHS Dental Principles

NHS dentistry offers emergency treatment and above all, dental treatment for life, an approach we offer to all patients.

We are pleased to be part of what is truly a national institution and ensure long term care is available for everyone.

Westbury clients tend to feel the same and appreciate the view that treatment should be about ongoing dental health.

Care Standards

A subsidised service does not mean lower standards. Our standard of care is the same for all patients, whether registered as independent, or NHS members.

The expertise, diagnosis, treatment and equipment at Westbury is always equal, regardless of payment.

Extra Treatment

There are a few areas, or personal requests, which fall outside of the NHS remit, or similarly, independent support. We are happy to help.

Where they incur additional cost, this will be minimised and always discussed with you. We also offer a Dental Plan to reduce costs further.