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Sandra Sanchis dental implantologist

Dental Implants Westbury

The dentist you see is Dr Sandra Sanchis, respected in the dental implant field and based at our Swindon implants unit.

Implants are a significant part of modern dentistry and Dentalcare believe high quality treatment should be available in Wiltshire, rather than patients having to travel many miles.

Having a full time implantologist also allows us to offer treatment at a realistic cost, without skimping on quality. Dr Sanchis believes in using the finest materials, for lifetime care.

Good care starts with understanding individual needs. If you would like one tooth replacing, or several, a personal consultation is available, to map out the best route for you..

The Q&A below covers core points on dental implants. Any further questions you have are welcome, by all means talk to your dentist, or arrange a personal consultation with Dr Sanchis.