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NHS Dental Costs - Westbury Practice

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NHS Dental Costs

NHS Dentistry is a general entitlement, there is no need to be in receipt of benefits. NHS price scales are split into three bands, depending on the treatment required to meet your needs.

Band 1: £22.70 includes an examination, diagnosis and a treatment plan. If required, this includes x-rays, images, a scale and polish.

Band 2: £62.10 includes treatment covered by Band 1, plus additional care, such as fillings, root canal treatment, extractions. We will advise on which surgical and non surgical treatments are included. 

Band 3: £269.30 includes all treatment covered by Bands 1 and 2, plus more complex procedures, such as crowns, dentures, bridges and custom made dental appliances..

Further Information

A few examples of costs are given below, or you are welcome to ask our staff at any time. Further details on fees and exemptions are on the NHS website at Paying For NHS Dental Treatment.

Example 1: You simply require an examination and x-ray. This will fall into NHS Band 1 and you will pay £22.70.

Example 2: Along with your examination and x-ray, a filling is needed. Treatment comes under band 2 and you pay £62.10. Even where more than one filling is required, you still only pay £62.10.

Example 3: Following an examination and x-ray, a custom made crown or denture is needed. This course of treatment would come under NHS Band 3 and you would pay £269.30.

Classification NHS Fee Points To Note
BAND 1 Treatments
Examination including x-rays, or images £22.70 This includes new, or urgent care patients
BAND 2 Treatments
Amalgam Filling £62.10 For one, or more fillings
Tooth Extractions £62.10 For one, or more extractions
BAND 3 Treatments
Acrylic Denture(s) £269.30 You will not normally pay for repairs
Posterior Crowns (metal only) £269.30 This includes the post and crown
White Aesthetic Crowns £269.30 Only available for your front teeth