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Orthodontics At Dentalcare

The Inman Aligner video is an interesting guide to what braces can achieve and a proven treatment for your front teeth.

At Dentalcare, we recognise the importance of orthodontic treatment and offer a wide range of removable, or fixed braces. We also believe good care matters and provide this through a specialist centre.

All patients at Trowbridge can be referred to our Swindon orthodontics unit. Being assessed and treated by dentists focused on this field of work helps ensure you receive the best treatment.

An Excellent Alternative

Inman Aligners are an equally well established option, a perfect solution for crowded, or protruding front teeth.

Your teeth are gently guided to the correct position quickly and safely. The removable, clear aligners are barely noticeable and do not interfere with your lifestyle, just a fine smile to come.

Our specialists discuss both systems with you and you often have the choice amongst equals. We truly believe Six Month Smiles and Inman Aligners are the finest braces on the market.

Swindon Orthodontics Unit

Straighter teeth and a fine smile are a gift we all deserve. Even with complex needs, modern orthodontics can achieve so much, why not see more on the treatment available:

Orthodontics at Swindon  
Arranging For Your Visit

Dentalcare patients are not charged for a referral, or for an in depth consultation with a dentist skilled in orthodontics. Just ask your dentist, or receptionist to arrange an:

Orthodontics Assessment