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NHS dental surgery with staff

Trowbridge NHS Dentist - Registration

NHS online registration

1. Completing your registration online really does take just two minutes.

2. You will be transferred to a secure facility where your details are protected.

3. For your further security, each registration is validated by an SMS message to your phone.

4. You can choose an appointment to suit you from the calendar.

Register and Book a Time Now  

Alternative Registration

New patients tell us they found online registration an excellent, user friendly route. We still appreciate that not everyone will be able to make an appointment when they register.

If you would prefer to use another route, you can register by email, using a quick, secure:

Make an Appointment Form  

Just tick the "I am a new patient" box before you send. We will contact you to confirm registration.

Patient Registration

New NHS patients can register through a straightforward online system, which keeps your details secure.

Just a few details are required and you can select an appointment to suit at the time you register.

Even if not eligible for the NHS, you can register as an independent patient, if you have any queries, call:

01225 430545

NHS Costs

A costs framework set by the Department of Health is followed in full for NHS patients registered at Trowbridge.

Price examples for sample cases and a comprehensive table of NHS fees are on our dental costs page.


Patients under 18 years of age, those who are pregnant, or have a baby less than a year old, receive free NHS treatment

If you receive a range of benefits, or have a low income certificate, NHS care may be free, or available at reduced cost.

NHS Dentistry

Trowbridge NHS Dentists are committed supporters of the NHS philosophy. A long term, patient first approach.

The treatment you receive as an NHS, or independent patient, will be of the highest standard, to meet immediate and future health needs.

Our clients tend to be pleased with this approach, to treat the patient for life, not just that day's symptoms.

Care Standards

Their is no such thing within Dentalcare as varying standards. Our care standards are the same for all clients, whether NHS, independent, or private patients.

Levels of expertise, treatment, advice and support always remain equal for everyone, regardless of payment.

Extra Treatment

Personal requirements can on occasion call for services which fall outside the NHS, or independent patient remit.

Our cosmetic dentists will discuss any cost involved. A dental membership plan may also help with cost reductions.