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Dental Treatment At Trowbridge

Dentalcare'sTrowbridge practice offers a comprehensive range of treatment. Whether you require a check up, a filling, or to see an expert in restorative dentistry, our role is to ensure all your dental health needs are met.

We pride ourselves on giving support on a personal basis. Follow the links below to read more on treatment which may be helpful to you.


Dental hygienist with patient
Our Dental Hygienists

Patients enjoy feeling good after visiting our hygienists, although they are also a vital part of maintaining dental health. Removing deposits which cause tooth decay and acting as a well trained early warning system for other issues. 

Dental Hygienists  


Girl after teeth whitening
Enjoying Whiter Teeth

For a special occasion, for your social life, or just for life, a glowing smile is a great boost. Of all dental treatment, this offers an immediate, satisfying result. In qualified hands, teeth whitening is a safe procedure, with real benefits. 

Fine Tooth Whitening  


Female patient smiling
Tooth Replacement

An experienced dentist focused on dental implants works across several of our practices. They offer Dentalcare patients an in depth consultation and fine treatment, whether you have one broken tooth, or a number to be replaced.

See Dental Implants  


Boy smiling
The Value Of Orthodontics

The video on our orthodontics page highlights one excellent treatment system and we offer a far wider range of support. Important for an area which can improve dental health and bring the clear, confident smile we all deserve.

Orthodontic Treatment  


Girl with radiant smile
Cosmetic Treatment

A natural smile is part of good health and confidence. Experienced cosmetic dentists can achieve wonderful results, even if you feel problems with your teeth have been left too long. Our consultations are free and tailored to your needs.

Cosmetic Dentistry  


Dental booking on mobile
Dentists For Children

Trowbridge Dentalcare is a family practice, where we understand the value of young patients getting used to visiting a dentist. Our staff make them welcome, comfortable, offering treatment they need to ensure their oral health thrives.

Children's Dentistry  


Dental booking on mobile
Helping Nervous Patients

Good dental staff understand that fear of a dentist is not a minor concern. They can and should offer solutions to ensure everyone can access the treatment they need. All patients are welcome at Trowbridge and fully supported.

Nervous Patient Advice  


Calling dentist on mobile
Managing Dental Costs

Dental treatment is essential to well being and cost should not be a barrier, not least to personal choice. Monthly payments can be arranged, often with no interest, or all patients can choose a Dentalcare plan to suit their needs.

Dental Plans & Finance