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Dental Implants As Nature Intended

The Solution Implants Bring

The last image in our slideshow is in a way the important one, the result of implants. One of the young ladies shown needed to replace two teeth, yet seeing this is now quite difficult.

That dental implants are a fine visual solution is accepted. We should also appreciate their practicality, their ability to copy a structure nature developed over the span of human evolution.

The days of tooth replacement by traditional crowns can be behind us. No longer any need for adjacent teeth to be cut down, or for the type of answer provided by normal dentures.

Your new tooth roots may be titanium, the teeth smooth porcelain but the way these fit into your body is the same way your natural teeth do. A medical advance which has changed dentistry.

Complete Aesthetic Benefit

Safe materials and precision engineering allows a new tooth to sit permanently alongside others. A great advance in itself, although not the most significant factor of dental implants.

Our appearance, not least our face and smile is the root of how others see us and to a fair degree, how we we see ourselves. Being able to change this in the way dentistry now can is wonderful.

The belief this gives dentists in the treatment they offer is welcome, the confidence implants can give to patients more so. Dental care truly can now transform lives as well as appearance.

An aesthetic solution should be part of good dental treatment and we are delighted to be able to offer this. The pleasure our patients have from treatment shared by those providing the care.



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