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Sandra Sanchis dental implantologist

Dedicated Implant Skills

Dr Sandra Mas Sanchis heads our dental implants team and is equally adept in the field of periodontology.

The knowledge Dr Mas Sanchis gained at respected dental clinics across Europe is valuable to colleagues and our patients. Skills built through focused study and experience.

The reason we ask people seeking dental implants in Trowbridge to travel to Swindon, is the advice and support a skilled surgeon can offer. Dedicated care matters for a lifetime treatment.

Dental implants should be a true replacement, meeting the needs of unique individuals. This ensures they are a positive health factor and that they give you a smile to be proud of.

A few points on dental implants are mentioned below. You can also call our implants team on 01793 230352 with any queries, or to arrange an appointment with Dr Mas Sanchis.



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