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Low Cost Finance For Dental Implants

Spreading The Cost

Dentalcare try to keep fees down but we accept that the nature of implants brings a notable cost. Where payment over time will help, we can arrange this through a reputable dental finance company.

Payment periods between 6 and 12 months are available interest free. You pay the same amount as you would at the time of treatment and receive exactly the same treatment.

Representative examples of no interest payments are shown below. The amounts selected would be rational for a common implant need, or for a full set of teeth supported by implants

Over 12 Months Interest Monthly Total
Loan Of £1800 0% APR £150.00 £1800
Loan Of £4160 0% APR £346.66 £4160

Payment plans over a longer period are also available, normally up to two years. There is a reasonable interest charge, as shown using the same examples as above, over a two year term.

Over 24 Months Interest Monthly Total
Loan Of £1800 9.9% APR £82.63 £1982.23
Loan Of £4160 9.9% APR £190.98 £4583.45

Clear Information

Deciding to pay over a fixed period is a commitment and we want to be sure you have all the details you need to make a sound decision. Not least, an accurate cost for your unique case.

Dental implants are an individual treatment and the fees will vary from person to person. We firmly believe that a personal consultation should take place before an accurate cost can be given.

You can still talk to our implants team at any time, on 01793 230352. They can offer guide prices, discuss finance options, or assist with any other aspects of implants you wish to discuss.

Following your consultation with our implants dentist, fees and finance terms can naturally be given to you in detail.

Finance Requirements

The dental implant finance companies we use try to be helpful but all applicants are subject to standard credit and status checks. Simply the same procedure any bank, or lender would follow.

Their terms & conditions will be available to you at an early stage. We want to ensure information on dental implants in Trowbridge is clear.

If our staff can assist with further points on dental finance, or you would like to arrange a personal consultation:
Contact The Implants Team  



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