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Dentalcare Treatment Information

Our dental practices offer a wide range of NHS and private treatment, from essential hygiene services, to specialist cosmetic surgeons. All focused on promoting dental health and bringing out the best in your smile.

Our websites offer full details on treatments and you are welcome to contact our practices, to discuss your personal needs.

Patient pointing to implant
Dental Implants

A specialised field warrants a consultation with a leading implantologist and the best facilities. Implants are a wonderful advance, with personal treatment available at Dentalcare units across Southern England, such as:

Langley Implants Centre  


Young man with straight smile
Orthodontic Care

Another area which has developed in recent years, the days of heavy metal braces as the only choice are behind us. We offer a number of dedicated orthodontic centres, with care from experienced specialists. See an example at:

Orthodontics In Slough  


Dental hygienist at work
Dental Hygienist

Apart from leaving patients feeling great, dental hygienists offer a valuable service. Removal of plaque and other contamination preserves dental health, they are also trained to spot developing issues, reducing treatment.

Dental Hygiene Services  


Teenage child cleaning teeth
Children's Dentistry

Ensuring children become confident in dental treatment is of long lasting value. There is also no better time to diagnose and treat underlying conditions, in the relaxed and caring environment Dentalcare practices offer.

Dentistry for Children  


Patient with whitened teeth
Tooth Whitening

Dentalcare Group firmly believe people have a right to look their best and understand the benefit this brings. The latest, safe and satisfying treatment is available for tooth whitening across all our surgeries, in house, or at home.

Pure Tooth Whitening  


Young woman with confident smile
Cosmetic Dentistry

The latest cosmetic techniques can achieve amazing results, even where teeth may have been neglected or damaged. Our specialists help restore your smile, confidence and of equal importance, greatly enhance dental health.

Cosmetic Dental Care  


Patient in dental surgery
Nervous Dental Patients

Being concerned about visiting a dentist is not unusual and nothing to be embarrassed about. Dentalcare do offer sedation but also employ a range of alternatives to help patients feel comfortable about their visit to us.

Helping Nervous Patients  


Person phoning for information
Dental Planning

Our dental staff see minimising cost as an important part of their role, to take forward treatment. There may still be times when payment over a period will help, or patients might wish to join their practice Dental Plan.

Planning for Dental Costs