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Private Dental Costs - Swindon Practice

Private Dental Treatment

Dental patients can choose private care, or mix treatment options, a combination of NHS and private work. Your dentist will discuss this with you and provide a treatment plan, which may include:

Hygienists: A vital front line service, helping to prevent tooth decay and to spot issues early, reducing treatment. Visits are a key part of long term care and leave you feeling great.

White Fillings: Our dentists will advise on suitability for your treatment needs. They are higher cost than amalgam fillings but not dramatically so and provide a good aesthetic solution.

Tooth Whitening: A popular treatment, giving you a bright smile and confidence. Materials and equipment are included in our costs, along with all the support and advice you need.

Meeting Specialist Needs

Beyond regular treatments many patients request, Dentalcare wish to support the needs of all patients. As a group, we can meet almost any specialist requirement, including at Swindon practice: 

Orthodontics: The process of realigning teeth is valuable and can require a range of treatments. Advice and full costs will be available at a personal assessment, read about orthodontics in Swindon.

Dental Implants: We are fortunate to have experienced staff offering implants at Swindon practice. For details, including a breakdown of costs, please go to dental implants.

Membership Plan: Our staff will provide details of membership plans, which can save cost all round. Also any individual advice you need on the treatment options listed below:

Classification Patient Fees
Regular Treatment
New Patient Personal Examination £35
Existing Patient Routine Examination £30
Emergency Appointment £42
Out of Hours Emergency Appointment £125
Small Radiographs £5
Panoral Radiograph £15
Restorative / Preventive Services
Fissure Sealants  From £20
Amalgam Filling From £70
Composite Filling From £115
Glass Ionomer Filling From £70
Veneers From £550
Aesthetic Crowns From £550
Bridge per unit From £550
Posterior Crowns PMF From £550
Posterior Crowns Gold From £600
Root Canal Treatment £155 - £350
Single Arch Full Denture From £400
Single Partial Arch Denture From £350
Cobalt Chrome From £500
Surgical Services
Apicectomy From £275
Extractions From £95
Surgical Extractions £160
Specialist Services
Periodontist Consultation £90
Implant Consultation £70
Implants Incl. Restoration £1,980
Removable Orthodontics
Clear Aligners £1,200
Inman Aligners From £1,200
Quick Straight Teeth From £1,700
Invisalign From £2,300
Fixed Orthodontics -
Cosmetic Services
Home Whitening £299
Zoom Whitening £399
Zoom and Home Whitening £500
Hygiene Appointment £49