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Orthodontics Fees Guide

Treatment Fee Guide
Orthodontic consultation £60
Single arch metal braces From £1400
Double arch metal braces From £2800
Single arch metal (under 18s) From £1000
Double arch metal (under 18s) From £2000
Single arch ceramic braces From £1600
Double arch ceramic braces From £3200
Invisalign invisible braces From £4000
Incognito Lite single arch From £4000
Incognito Lite double arch From £6000 
Incognito Full braces From £8000
Removable plastic retainer From £100
Fixed bonded retainer From £200
Why A Price Guide?

Straightening teeth can be a complex, personal treatment, by nature different for everyone. In our view, if you are offered a fixed price before consultation, you should be concerned.

Neither are prices always as they seem, our consultation fee will be refunded if you go ahead with treatment. As the table mentions and in other ways, we try to help younger patients on cost.

Are Your Prices High?

We want to avoid shocks, so choose to offer a guide. A good example is Invisalign, where we don't know for which arches, or to what degree treatment will be needed, so fees could vary in either direction.

Your treatment may not cost sums shown, or could be more. We prefer to be honest and only give accurate figures after consultation. Better than seeing an orthodontist, getting a shock and feeling misled.

An Individual Solution

As you see on the orthodontics fees table, we try to include everything. Even removable, or fixed retainers which tend to be part of orthodontics treatment for all patients but are often not mentioned.

In the same way, we give cost options across a full range. Clear braces, ceramic braces with white wires, a great aesthetic solution, or unseen, incognito braces, which fit at the rear of your teeth.

To confirm a real, precise cost and a personal solution, why not use the link below, to request a professional consultation:
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