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NHS dental surgery with staff

Swindon's NHS Dentist - Registration

NHS online registration

1. Please Note - We are currently unable to accept new NHS patients.

2. This is not a decision from Dentalcare and we continue to try to increase places.

3. If you wish to join our NHS waiting list. Please use our appointment form to:

Email Us Your Details  

4. An Alternative - Dentalcare has their own membership system similar to the NHS.

5. This is a unique Dentalcare option, created to offer all patients good treatment at a fair cost.

6. The long-term commitment to patients and a treatment banding structure remain:

See Independent Patients  

NHS Waiting List

Our NHS waiting list is fairly maintained and treats all applicants equally. Please make sure to tick "I am a new patient" on the appointment form. Our staff will contact you to discuss waiting times and options.

Patient Registration

Registering with Dentalcare Swindon as an NHS, or independent patient is available via a straightforward online facility.

When NHS places are not available, you will find a direct link on the independent registration page.

Should you have any problems, or just want to talk to our friendly staff, call:

01793 611298

NHS Costs

Dentalcare Swindon NHS dental treatment charges entirely follow the Department of Health guidelines.

Details of prices, a few real case examples and a complete table are on our dental fees page.

Exempt Treatment

If you are under 18, a student under 19, pregnant, or have a baby born in the last 12 months, NHS treatment is free.

Patients receiving a range of benefits, or holding a low-income scheme certificate may also be eligible for free, or reduced cost treatment.

NHS Dentistry

Urgent cases are supported by NHS dental treatment, although our surgery focuses on your long-term dental health.

We are simply the Swindon branch of a national service, dedicated to supporting people for a lifetime.

Our patients tell us they appreciate the approach and high level of dental care this brings them.

Care Standards

The NHS may be an open facility but this should not mean a lower standard of care for any patient at any time.

Diagnosis and treatment are provided on a truly equal basis at Dentalcare practices, regardless of payment.

Extra Treatment

We are firstly an NHS dentist in Swindon but happy to meet requirements outside NHS, or independent remits. Our dentists are pleased to offer advice.

Where extra cost is involved, this will be fully discussed with you. You could also take out a Dental Plan to reduce your costs permanently.