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NHS Treatment Coverage

We understand why patients can feel dental treatment band costs and what is included are not clear. Our staff do follow NHS guidelines but they put the immediate needs of patients first.

You may for example have a scale & polish as part of a regular visit, then another time not. This can depend on clinical need, or the time we are allowed, if perhaps you are also having x-rays, or minor treatment.

We are a committed NHS dentist and whether you are an NHS, or Independent patient, we carry out treatment at lowest cost. The same philosophy we would apply to treatment not covered by the NHS.

With every patient unique and treatment needs personal, there are not always concrete rules. We hope the notes below help clarify what you should normally expect.

NHS Banding Principles

Band 1 is the lowest cost and covers a regular dental examination, x-rays, perhaps orthodontic assessment, or taking teeth moulds. Where possible, we carry out minor adjustments to dentures, fillings etc.

Visits to your dentist to check appliances, or provide tissue samples also come under band 1, along with urgent appointments, including assessing your needs and providing prescriptions.

Band 2 takes in everything in band 1, plus a good percentage of treatment, for gum disease, tooth damage, or decay. An extraction, or more often fillings are included, regardless of number, root canal treatment, or minor oral surgery may well be.

More significant changes to dentures, or appliances come under band 2, or periodontal treatment. This might be deep scaling and polishing, root planing to remove bacteria, or removal of gum tissue.

Band 3 dental treatment holds the highest cost. Alongside everything mentioned in the previous bands, this covers replacement work such as crowns, bridges, or dentures.

If you do receive treatment under the NHS which includes veneers, orthodontic appliances, or dental implants, they will be under band 3. You should however bear in mind that NHS treatment in several areas is not often available.

Specialist Dental Treatment

The NHS principle is that treatments such as veneers, braces, or implants are only available on the NHS, if there is a clear, clinical need which meets NHS criteria.

For children, orthodontic treatment in particular is often classed as needed, possibly other treatments. For many adults, even though they (and us) may regard the treatment as important, this could be classed as cosmetic in NHS terms.

Implants are a good example. We run a Swindon dental implants unit but treatment other than privately is quite rare. The NHS give an example of implants being for people who can't wear dentures due to facial damage, perhaps from mouth cancer.

For other "cosmetic" treatment such as veneers, inlays and onlays, even straightening your teeth, there is a solid possibility this will not be available under the NHS.

Our Transparent Approach

We appreciate that patients may occasionally be surprised but find that an open, honest approach is best. If treatment is not available on the NHS, our dentists will tell you at an early stage, they are largely passing on decisions they did not make.

Neither do we mind which is the case. Our Swindon orthodontics unit is the largest in the area and carries out assessments for NHS hospitals. This is not a financial, or practical disadvantage but they still have to stick to the rules on who they can treat under the NHS.

We would genuinely like to see all dental treatment carried out under the NHS but this is not the reality. So we support patients in other ways, by offering the value a social dentist should.

Dentalcare employ leading specialists at their practices, to ensure high quality care for orthodontics, dental implants and other key treatments is available to everyone, at reasonable cost.

Talk to your dentist. If we can treat you under the NHS we will do, where that is not possible, our staff work together, to see that the best possible, affordable care is there for you.