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Treatment At Dentalcare Swindon

Swindon practice provide a wide range of NHS and private dental treatment, from regular visits to our hygienists, to skilled dental restoration. All round support for your health and to bring out the best in your smile.

We are a patient driven surgery, meeting needs and responding to feedback. Follow the links below to see more on treatment you helped build.


Dental hygienist with patient
Dental Hygienists

Our hygienists provide key services, to maintain oral health and diagnose issues at an early stage, reducing the need for treatment. They also help keep your teeth and gums in great shape and a visit leaves you feeling so much better. 

Hygienist Services  


Girl after teeth whitening
Tooth Whitening

Displaying confidence through a glowing smile is such a pleasure. Even when you look after your teeth and gums, stains can creep in. The latest whitening techniques are safe, satisfying and incredibly effective, for patients of all ages.

Enjoy Whiter Teeth  


Boy smiling
For Straighter Teeth

Take a look at our section on orthodontic treatment, where a young patient explains how vital having straighter teeth was to them. Our orthodontics team understand the reasons behind this treatment and focus on precise, individual care.

Swindon Orthodontics  


Female patient smiling
Tooth Replacement

We are fortunate to have a fine implants dentist working at Swindon. Their treatment is tailored to your precise needs, whether you need a replacement for one broken tooth, or a permanent solution to a number of missing teeth.

See Dental Implants  


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Dentists For Children

Our teeth are with us for a lifetime and part of who we are. Ensuring children are confident in accessing dental treatment from an early age is important. Swindon practice gives them a caring place to visit and and fine treatment.

Children's Dentistry  


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Periodontal Treatment

Keeping healthy teeth means we need to have a healthy bone structure and gums. They can be attacked by the bacteria in plaque but modern periodontal treatment in Swindon is available to correct a number of associated issues.

Periodontal Care  


Girl with radiant smile
Cosmetic Treatment

Often more than simply cosmetic, with health and confidence playing an equal part. Up to date techniques can bring wonderful results, even with significant damage, or decay. Leaving you with fine oral health and a great smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry  


Dental booking on mobile
For Anxious Patients

Being concerned about visiting a dentist is natural and some patients will hold deeper feelings than others. All our staff appreciate how real your concerns can be and will work with you, to find the best way for you to freely access treatment.

Nervous Patient Advice  


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Managing Dental Fees

We maximise treatment available via the NHS but there are times when unique needs, or personal choice require more. Cost should not be a barrier and we can often arrange for payment over a period, or suggest a practice dental Plan.

Dental Plans & Finance