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Planning & Financing Dental Costs

Dentalcare Plans

Dentalcare Group have more than one plan available, from complete dental health support, to useful additions to NHS dentistry. Our most popular plan offers all round care for just £10.50 per month, suits many people and includes:

  • Two complete dental examinations
  • Two periodontal examinations (gum health check)
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Any necessary small X rays
  • Two visits per year to our dental hygienists
  • 10% reduction in private and cosmetic dentistry
  • £50 reduction in our home teeth whitening system

A comprehensive program at 35p a day and you don't need to pass a dental examination. We are happy to advise on other dental plans but you may see why this one is so popular.

Dental Finance

We believe people should be able to access dental treatment when this is needed, or when they wish. As a socially minded dentist, our fees are fair but we can not avoid there being a cost where that applies. We can still try to assist in other ways.

Our dental financing plan allows the cost of treatment to be spread over affordable monthly payments. This is often popular for cosmetic treatment, although does apply to most treatment.

In the majority of cases, our dental finance is interest free. Apart from not paying any more over the term of the plan, we do not change our fees because you decide to use a financing option.

We would not encourage anyone to take on debt they can not afford but do believe this facility is valuable. Patients can access treatment as soon as they choose, pay no more and work to their budget.  Across a variety of needs, a reasonable solution.