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A Natural Path To Tooth Replacement

The Ascendancy Of Implants

For decades, tooth replacement meant dentures to cover extraction, or crowns, requiring other teeth to be cut. Both far from ideal, not least when a better, natural option is now available.

Dental implants have transformed dentistry. They bring no damage to nearby teeth and reproduce an approach which took millions of years to evolve, as the images above illustrate.

Finely engineered titanium roots sit in the same place the original roots would. A replacement tooth is attached and supported in a similar way, the format nature intended to be used.

Practical & Aesthetic Excellence

Our slideshow shows the way implants are added. An approach which allows you to care for your teeth in the normal manner and as the final slide shows, provides a fine cosmetic solution.

One of the two young ladies you see required two dental implants to replace damaged teeth. As telling as a camera can be, finding them is not easy, an aesthetically pleasing answer.

This gives patients confidence and brings back their natural smile, their natural life. A benefit to them and to the dentists treating them, who share the pleasure a sound solution offers.


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