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Pangbourne - Private Patient Registration

NHS online registration

1. Completing your registration online really does take just two minutes.

2. You will be transferred to a secure facility where your details are protected.

3. For your further security, each registration is validated by an SMS message to your phone.

4. You can choose an appointment to suit you from the calendar.

Register and Book a Time Now  

User Friendly Registration

New private patients often mention how useful and easy they found online registration. Just click on the "Register and Book a Time Now" link.

You can choose your own time and dentist at the touch of a button. A level of convenience we try to bring to all aspects of Pangbourne practice.

Individual Care

All our patients are part of the practice, whether registering via the NHS, or as private patients.

Urgent, or requested needs are naturally catered for but so is long term dental health. Private patients are provided with a personal treatment plan.

Your dentist will discuss this with you. If you have any questions at any time, you are welcome to call our friendly staff on:

01189 845894

Managed Costs

Our dentists and all staff work with you to minimise cost, helping ensure budget is not a barrier to the best treatment.

A consultative approach also ensures you always know of any fees in advance.

Transparency on fees is important. Full details on the cost of individual treatments are on our dental fees page.

Treatment Range

The right to a wonderful smile and the confidence this brings is a sound reason for private treatment but not the only one.

Emergency treatment is part of the service, as are a complete range of options, from orthodontics, to oral surgery. All carried out by specialists.

Pangbourne practice is focused on making sure you receive the treatment that will best benefit your oral health.

Experienced Staff

Up to date facilities and a good group ethos do help ensure a high level of care but our greatest asset is our staff

Dentalcare are a well established and welcoming organisation, to their patients and to their staff.

Apart from recruiting the best, we encourage them to keep abreast of the latest developments in dental technology, a key part of offering lifetime care.