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NHS dental surgery with staff

Pangbourne NHS Dentist - Registration

NHS online registration

1. Please Note - We are currently unable to accept new NHS patients.

2. This is not a decision from Dentalcare and we continue to try to increase places.

3 An Alternative - Dentalcare have their own membership system similar to the NHS.

4. This is a unique Dentalcare option, created to offer all patients good treatment at fair cost.

5. The long term commitment to patients and a treatment banding structure remain:

See Independent Patients  

NHS Waiting List

Our waiting list is maintained in an open way, with no discrimination against any category of patient. Please make sure to tick "I am a new patient" on the appointment form. Our staff will contact you to discuss waiting times and options.

Patient Registration

For some while now, NHS patients have been able to register through a user friendly, online process.

The same system is open to independent patients, who can register online and pick their first appointment time to suit. See independent registration.

Clear instructions are on the registration page, or if you have any questions, call:

01189 845894

NHS Costs

There is a set NHS framework for costs, which, along with case examples, is shown on our dental fees page.

A comparison table showing the fee bands for independent patients is provided on the registration page linked above.


For those in receipt of various benefits, or holding a low income certificate, treatment may be free, or at lower cost.

If you are under 18, or a student under 19, or if you are pregnant, or have a baby less than twelve months old, NHS treatment is free of charge.

NHS Dentistry

Urgent treatment is part of our service, although our patients long term oral health is the main focus.

An approach which fits with the emphasis on preventative treatment by NHS dentists at Pangbourne surgery.

Our clients tend to be pleased with this approach, to treat the patient for life, not just that day's symptoms.

NHS Tradition

Our ethos also matches the NHS principle of "A comprehensive health service for prevention and cure".

Once you register and arrange your first appointment, our dentists will plan with you for long term care. Good dentistry is about looking to the future.

Extra Treatment

The NHS and independent membership meet most needs. We are still pleased to respond to your requests for individual treatment outside of this remit.

If additional cost does arise, our expert cosmetic dentists will discuss this with you. Working to your budget without in any way lessening treatment.