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Dentist explaining treatment to nervous patient

Dentalcare Support Nervous Patients

Meeting Real Needs

All the dentists and support staff at Pangbourne take a strong interest in helping nervous patients. An ethos we welcome, when ensuring treatment barriers are removed is so important.

Everyone has the right to dental treatment, to access the best care. Our staff know that dental phobia is not imaginary, not weakness, simply a different and very real perception.

Staff work with their patients, to find individual solutions. Relaxation techniques can help, treatment session times be gradually increased as confidence and understanding build.

The Value Of Knowledge

Understanding dental procedure is an important part of coping, helping patients feel and be in control. Knowledge empowers and builds confidence in much of life, the same for dentistry.

Our dentists will provide information, explain your treatment and allow time for discussion, shared decisions. You will not be rushed, or asked to undergo any treatment you are not ready for.

A fear of dentists is itself understandable and good dentists appreciate this. They value helping patients overcome any fear and benefit from the treatment they need for good health.