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Pangbourne - Patient Registration

NHS online registration

1. Completing your registration online really does take just two minutes.

2. You will be transferred to a secure facility where your details are protected.

3. Please use the "Private" tab and add an "Independent Patient" note as requested.

4. For your further security, each registration is validated by an SMS message to your phone.

5. You can choose your first appointment to suit you from the calendar.

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Low Cost Fee Structure

Treatment Independent
Band 1 £23
Band 2 £67
Band 3 £267

Independent Patients

At Dentalcare Group, a lack of local places for NHS patients is not a radical issue. We have our own system, to provide high quality dentistry in Pangbourne.

All are welcome to register as independent patients and receive the same level of care as every registered patient. 

This includes all the advice you need. If you have questions on treatment, you are welcome to call our friendly staff on:

01189 845894

Managing Cost

Our objective is to offer comprehensive dental care, at a cost not far above NHS fees and well below the fees you would pay as a private patient.

A transparent approach also matters and the dentist treating you will fully discuss cost prior to treatment.

We believe the fee levels offered are unique and fit with our role as a social dentist. Compare costs in the table on this page, not significantly different.

Treatment Range

Band 1 : Diagnostic £23 - This covers a full dental examination, x-rays as required and consultation on any treatment which may be needed.

Band 2 : Conservation £67 - Including fillings, extractions, cleaning and primary treatment to preserve our patients dental health. Even where more than one visit is needed, you only make one payment.

Band 3 : Restoration £267 - For the provision of crowns, bridges, dentures, or allied work to restore the benefit of a good bite and smile.

Band 4 : Urgent Care £27 - Provided to anyone with an immediate problem. This includes assessment, advice, prescriptions and temporary dressings.

NHS Principles

Independent patients can not access NHS treatment but you will see the similarity to NHS care in the details above.

All Pangbourne patients are an equal part of our practice and offered the same high standard of support.