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Children's Dentist Pangbourne

A video from our Scottish colleagues. Worth noting that NHS treatment for children in England is also free.

An indication of the value placed on giving young people the right care. Dental treatment for children in Pangbourne, or anywhere, is a vital factor in making sure they thrive

The video advice for them to see a dentist regularly makes sense, for treatment and to build good habits. You will want their teeth to last a lifetime and we share that wish.

An Early Start

The NHS recommend taking children to a dentist by the time they are two years old. Whatever your decision, the earlier the better is a good idea. Familiarity brings reassurance and confidence

Children become used to the surroundings, get to know the dentist and relax. Their visits also create an opportunity for them to recognise the importance of caring for your teeth.

Positive Benefits

Making a trip to the dentist positive, enjoyable is a great start, although so are the benefits for children. All our dentists at Pangbourne are trained in children's oral health needs.

Early intervention to correct small problems can save treatment at a later stage. On the odd occasion where there is a larger problem, again better to address this at the right time.