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Going Overseas For Dental Treatment

We understand why people consider treatment overseas. Technology has made information from other regions more accessible and dental work can be expensive. 

We are fortunate at Dentalcare, as a socially minded business rather than one purely focused on profit, costs are reasonable. Even so, there may be circumstances where our patients consider overseas dental treatment and we would still wish to support them.

Neither are we stating the option is always a bad one, people from the UK do travel for treatment successfully. There are good dentists in many places and local economics can mean lower prices, we just ask you to take care and consider a few points:

1. Follow advice from the General Dental Council and speak to your own dentist first. This is not so they can stand in your way, they may be able to offer input based on your dental history and should be aware of your plans. They could be involved with any complications which arise, or aftercare years into the future.

2. Partly for the reason above and for your own benefit, ensure you are assessed by a qualified dentist and receive a treatment plus costs plan, in English, before undertaking any dental treatment. Similarly, make sure you will have full documentation in English covering all procedures after treatment.

3. Before treatment commences, or before you even travel, ask to talk to the staff who will be carrying out procedures, by telephone, or video link. Establishing they are fluent in English, or another language you speak fluently is important. Imagine you turned up at your own dentist and couldn't speak to anyone.

4. We would not wish to blanket any business activity and there may be good agencies but in general, take care. Agencies in the UK focused on recruiting patients for overseas dental treatment can in some cases promise perfection, or a remarkable cost basis, which do not turn out to match reality.

5. Carry out your own research, which will naturally include checking qualifications of staff and should include finding other patients who have visited. We would not recommend this stops at online reviews, which are often placed, better to contact other patients.

6. Be thorough on what is included in the price and what may be extra. Take the time to compare this well with options in the UK, there may be elements which could be covered by NHS treatment, or insurance, or a dental plan, or finance plan.

On the last point and others, our advice is to talk to a dentist. Whether or not you are a current patient, you are welcome to contact the nearest Dentalcare practice for unbiased advice.