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Teeth Whitening In Langley

Our Sparkling Summer Offer

Professional whitening can be carried out at Langley surgery, or within the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Your dentist will make a set of gel guides to fit your teeth, supply all you need and give helpful, easy instructions. Just call 01753 543742.

What Are The Benefits?

Appearance, confidence, the glowing smile you want and deserve. We all have a right to look and feel our best.

Tooth whitening also boosts your health in two ways, By improving confidence and by providing natural encouragement for you to care for your teeth.

Safe Treatment Supervised By A Dentist

Shortcuts for tooth whitening rarely work well and can bring risk. If you use professional products, under the supervision of a dentist, teeth whitening is a safe procedure.

The few people not suited to whitening, perhaps due to existing conditions, or restoration, can be personally advised. More importantly, all patients are treated safely.

Tooth whitening at Langley is carried out with a uniquely formulated, scientifically tested gel. This removes stains by breaking down dentin deposits and the compounds causing them.

In Langley Surgery Or Your Own Home

Our staff carry out whitening at the surgery in accordance with GDC guidelines. They use a special light to cure the gel and maximise effect, treatment takes about an hour.

Alternatively, your dentist can make a fitted mouth guard to match your teeth, supply the gel and instruct you on use. This approach takes a little longer but is convenient.

Whichever you choose, our approach brightens your teeth by several shades. The perfect antidote to life, coffee, tea, wine, or smoking will discolour your teeth over time.