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Staff at Dentalcare Langley

Dentalcare Langley - Our Dental Staff


Dental nurse Agnieszka Lorek
Agnieszka Lorek - Dental Nurse

Through nine years with Dentalcare, Agnieska enjoys coming to work each day, to meet different patients and make them feel at ease.

Her belief in professional care is founded on continuously improving and learning skills, then sharing the knowledge gained. To create an environment where patients are relaxed, informed and benefit to the full.


Valeria Costin dental nurse
Valeria Costin - Dental Nurse

Valeria has spent nearly five years with Dentalcare Langley, making patients happy and offering renowned support to colleagues.

The job of a dental nurse is more than making sure equipment is available. They can be in a position to see patient reaction, or feelings, when the dentist may not, Valeria's natural perception is a great benefit during treatment.


Monica Szewczuk Langley dental practice manager
Monika Szewczuk - Practice Manager

Monica's qualifications in dental nursing are an asset to her role, as is her belief in helping all staff progress and share her positive approach.

Apart from creating a great environment to work in, Monica appreciates the importance of patient care. Helping to ensure all staff see the benefit of making sure our visitors feel comfortable and respected.


Dental nurse Fiona Alder
Fiona Alder - Dental Nurse & Receptionist

Fiona's natural enjoyment in meeting lots of people and making patients happy goes beyond customer service, an asset to all who arrive.

Her experience as a dental nurse is also of value on reception. Well placed to answer any queries, understand the needs of patients and staff, ensure everyone has the information they need for treatment to go well.


Tracy Keeble dental receptionist
Tracy Keeble - Receptionist

Tracy came to Dentalcare with 20 years experience as a receptionist in a doctor's surgery and understands the needs of patients.

Our receptionists are often the first point of contact and being able to provide support based on experience is valuable. They also support fellow staff members, by ensuring the good communication needed at a dental practice is maintained.


Dental receptionist Jodie Contino
Jodie Contino - Dental Receptionist

Jodie is one of the first people our patients meet, or talk to on the phone, good communication and a friendly approach are important.

With meeting new people one of the pleasures Jodie gets from her work, a welcome is assured. A building block to the confidence our patients need in the staff who will treat them and part of good support at any practice.


Dental receptionist Kinga Michalak
Kinga Michalak - Dental Receptionist

Coming from a health and social care background, Kinga is used to the practice environment and the support we should offer all who attend.

As a local resident, Kinga also understands needs within Langley and enjoys working with people to ensure they are met. Keeping our patients and her colleagues fully informed and helping to organise precise treatment.


Dorota Ignatowicz dental nurse
Dorota Ignatowicz - Trainee Dental Nurse

Apart from her studies in dental nursing, Dorota holds a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw.

This is reflected in her emphasis on patient care and the high level of service she wishes to offer. Helped by being a member of a great team, who welcome her assitance in ensuring all who attend Langley feel relaxed.


Dental nurse Alina Ionela Suciu
Alina Ionela Suciu - Trainee Dental Nurse

A natural enjoyment from helping people is a great asset for Alina, supplemented by the practical and academic training she receives.

Supporting our dentists is a notable part of the input Alina offers, alongside gaining wider experience. We try to ensure our trainee staff hold knowledge of all practice aspects, so they can offer the best care to our patients.


Dental nurse Andreea Margareta Litoiu
Andreea Margareta Litoiu - Trainee Dental Nurse

Andreea enjoys working with her colleagues and they welcome her help, along with her wish to learn about all aspects of dentistry in depth.

Together with the academic training a dental nurse receives, they are given a solid grounding in each practice function. From reception duties, to decontamination, to the importance of a clear focus when working alongside dental staff.


Dental nurse Jasmin Khaneja
Jasmin Khaneja - Apprentice Dental Nurse

Jasmin joined us following her GCSEs and A Levels, soon fitting into our friendly team and proving an asset whilst working with them on daily tasks.

A dental nurse at any age, or career stage needs to act with thought. An approach which Jasmin takes naturally and a perfect accompaniment to the professional and practical training she enjoys so much.


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