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Orthodontics at Langley

Dentalcare Langley are fortunate to have specialist orthodontic dentists, alongside every skill imaginable within the group.

We recognise the importance of having teeth straightened, so eloquently put across in the video. Treatment is about more than how you look, confidence matters to your entire life.

Follow the orthodontics links below to see our range of treatment, or see the information below, or contact us for advice. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have.

For Your Front Teeth

Inman Aligners and the 6 months smile system are popular options for orthodontic care.  With quick results and ease of use, they are a great lifestyle choice. See more on:

Removable Clear Braces  
To Straighten Any Teeth

Complex needs, or orthodontic treatment on side, or back teeth can require fixed braces. The latest technology can make them wearable and hard to see. See further details on:

Fixed Orthodontic Braces