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NHS dental surgery with staff

Langley NHS Dentistry - Current Options

NHS online registration

1. Please Note - There is currently a wait of about 8 weeks to join as an NHS patient.

2. This is not a decision from Dentalcare and we continue to try to increase places.

3. If you wish to join our NHS waiting list. Please use our appointment form to:

Email Us Your Details  

4. An Alternative - Dentalcare have their own membership system similar to the NHS.

5. This is a unique Dentalcare option, created to offer all patients good treatment at fair cost.

6. The long term commitment to patients and a treatment banding structure remain:

See Independent Patients  

NHS Waiting List

Our waiting list is maintained in an open and fair way. Please make sure you tick "I am a new patient" on the appointment form. Our staff will contact you to discuss waiting times and options.

Patient Registration

Registration with Langley as an NHS patient had been available via a user friendly, online process.

This system is now open to independent patients, in every way equal members of our practice. Joining takes minutes, see independent registration.

Instructions are on the page, if you have any questions on registration, call us on:

01753 543742

Cost Comparison

The NHS provide a framework for dental costs, which always apply to NHS patients.

NHS fees are on our dental costs page. A comparison table to NHS costs is on our independent registration page.

Cost Exemptions

These apply to NHS patients only, who are in receipt of certain benefits, or hold a low income certificate, NHS treatment may be free, or at reduced cost.

If you are under 18, a student under 19, or you are pregnant, or have a baby under twelve months, NHS treatment is free.

NHS Dentistry

We do wish to make clear that our commitment to NHS dentistry in Langley remains. For short term treatment and to support long term dental health.

The emphasis at Langley surgery for all patients is on preventative treatment and the value of good oral health.

Our practice members tell us they enjoy this approach, to treat the patient for life, not simply for that day.

NHS Tradition

Our approach also fits with NHS principles, to promote rounded health for people of all ages, both prevention and cure.

Whether registered as an independent, or NHS patient, our dentists plan with you for lifetime care, to avoid treatment.

Extra Treatment

NHS and independent membership cover most areas. We are pleased to respond to further personal requests.

Where additional cost does arise, expert cosmetic dentists will talk this through with you and work to your budget. The best treatment comes before fees.