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Independent Patients At Langley

NHS online registration

1. Online registration only takes a few minutes.

2. You will be transferred to a secure facility where your details are protected.

3. Please select the "Private" tab and add an "Independent Patient" note as requested.

4. Your registration is validated by an SMS message to your phone.

5. You can book an appointment to suit you from the calendar.

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Independent Patients

Due to high demand and limited availability we often need to maintain a waiting list for NHS appointments.

To provide a cost effective alternative we offer independent dentistry. This will give you access to treatment at an affordable price. 

Everyone is welcome to register as an independent patient, including existing patients. We are able to see emergency patients who are unable to obtain an NHS appointment at short notice.

If you would like to know more, please call our friendly team on 01743 543742.

Transparent Pricing

Dentalcare offers high quality dental treatment to all of our patients. There are a wide range of treatments on offer to ensure your needs are met.

The list of independent treatment is presented below and your dentist will discuss all costs with you before any treatment is undertaken. You will be provided with a written treatment plan.

Your will be able to book an appointment at a time that suits you. This means we are able to offer early, late night and weekend appointments as  well as through the day.

Please note - Free replacement dentures may not apply and we are unable to offer exemptions for age or financial status. 

Treatment Price Description
Examination (Including X-rays) £25 Full examination of your oral health
Examination For Under 16's (Including X-rays) £15 As above, reduced cost for children
Emergency Appointment (Including X-rays) £33 Short notice urgent appointment, additional treatment may be required
Extraction £67 A simple tooth removal
Complex Extraction £90 A tooth removal with additional complications
Surgical Extraction Private only Cost may vary and initial assessment may be required
Amalgam Filling (Small) £67 A small silver filling
Amalgam Filling (Large) £77 A large silver filling 
White Filling (Front Teeth Only) £68 A white filling on a front tooth
Crown/Bridge Re-cement £37 Re-fitting of an existing lost crown or bridge
Root Filling (Incisors) £100 Root filling of a front tooth
Root Filling (Pre-Molars) £150 Root filling of a small back tooth
Root Filling (Molars) £200 Root filling of a large back tooth
Full Denture per arch (Acrylic) £247 Upper or lower complete acrylic denture 
Partial Denture Upper (Acrylic) £270 Upper partial acrylic denture
Partial Denture Lower (Acrylic) £270 Lower partial acrylic denture
Crown - Back Teeth (Metal) £270 A metal complete cover of a back tooth
Crown - Front Teeth (Porcelain Bonded) £330 A porcelain bonded to metal complete cover of a front tooth
Bridge - Porcelain Bonded (Per Unit) £330 A fixed replacement of a missing tooth
Extirpation (Emergency Only) £60 Removal of infected nerve in the tooth pulp
Glass Ionomer Filling £57 A semi-permanent filling