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Goncalo Sanches dental implantologist Langley

Implants In Safe Hands

Dentalcare's team leader for dental implants is Dr Goncalo Sanches, his experience across Europe well recognised.

Dr Sanches is a key member of the Langley team and the skills he offers are invaluable to our patients. To replace single, or multiple damaged, or missing teeth.

Dental implants in Langley are created to each patient's requirements. Personal treatment from an experienced surgeon is so important, along with the care offered by a well trained support team.

A great smile and the confidence this brings are natural benefits but so is the future. Dr Sanches ensures treatment takes account of your dental health and builds on this.

A few points on implants are below, although we appreciate you may have questions. Call the implants team direct on 01753 336518 at any time, for advice, or to book a consultation with Dr Sanches.


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