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Treatment At Dentalcare Langley

We provide a wide range of dental treatment, to NHS, independent and private patients. From a visit to our hygienists, to a filling, to the finest cosmetic dentistry. All aimed at giving you a confident smile and long term oral health.

The individual needs of our patients are always the starting point for treatment decisions, follow the links below to see the comprehensive treatment available.


Dental hygienist with patient
Our Dental Hygienists

Hygienists help you maintain a great smile, a valuable benefit but they offer more. The treatment they provide is one of the best routes to avoiding more invasive care, as is their skill in spotting developing issues at an early stage. 

Hygienist Services  


Boy smiling
Orthodontic Treatment

There is a video on the orthodontics page which says more than we can, a young man explaining how important straighter teeth have been to him. They make a difference to oral health, the way you feel about yourself and to life.

For Straighter Teeth  


Girl after teeth whitening
Tooth Whitening

A warm, glowing smile reflects your confidence, a direct benefit of a safe procedure, although tooth whitening has added value. Our patients and dentists know how this can contribute to people caring for their teeth and gums in the future.

Enjoying Whiter Teeth  


Female patient smiling
Tooth Replacement

Dentalcare have a dedicated team for dental implants, working at Langley and across our practices. A full consultation is available to ensure treatment will suit you, to replace one broken tooth, or a number of missing teeth.

See Dental Implants  


Dental booking on mobile
Children's Dentistry

Learning to trust a dentist is a great gift to children, to their health for years to come. Visits from an early age will help and our practice really does go the extra mile, to ensure they have the best possible care in a friendly environment.

Dentistry for Children  


Couple smiling
Periodontal Care

The plaque which builds up on our teeth can attack the structure supporting them, your gums and jaw bone. Modern treatment can help a great deal, rather than see this issue bring cosmetic problems, or ultimately loss of your teeth.

Periodontal Treatment  


Girl with radiant smile
Cosmetic Dentistry

Feeling good about yourself is important and cosmetic dentists can achieve incredible results, even if your teeth have not been looked after. For an area so vital to confidence and long term health, we offer a free initial consultation.

Cosmetic Treatment  


Dental booking on mobile
Helping Nervous Patients

A good dentist understands that the level of concern about dental visits varies widely from person to person. This can go as far as genuine fear and create a barrier to good oral health, a concern we work with you to solve.

Nervous Patient Advice  


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Managing Dental Costs

As each year goes by, more is understood about the part dental health plays in all round health. We appreciate that cost can block access and offer all the support we can, from no interest finance, to tailored dental plans.

Dental Plans & Finance