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Anti-wrinkle treatment at Langley

The video is from CODE, a compliance agency for dental practices. This gives an idea of the standard of treatment you should expect.

Anti-wrinkle treatment at Langley (commonly referred to as Botox) is carried out by an experienced clinician, Sabine McGarry, one of our resident dentists.

A full consultation is available at no cost. Any concerns you have can be addressed and areas which will benefit from treatment identified. If a patient will not benefit, Dr McGarry will not proceed with treatment.

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Booking a Consultation

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A relaxed visit, where your needs can be discussed and realistic expectations are explained. Each person is unique and so is their treatment.

Treatment Description

The treatment involves a natural protein which acts upon nerve endings and lessens their action on related muscles. Used cosmetically, this reduces the strength of face muscles which cause tell-tale lines.

Common areas to be treated are frown lines, bunny lines, horizontal lines across the forehead, lip lines, drooping eyebrows, neck lines and banding. Or a  combination to suit personal needs.

By tailoring treatment to the individual and using precise dosage, a more natural look can be achieved. The visible effects of ageing, or other causes, reduced.

Is Treatment Safe?

Anti-wrinkle treatment has been used for a long time to treat conditions such as cerebral palsy and for two decades cosmetically.

Allergic reaction and muscular side effects have been reported but are rare. Botox at Langley is injected with a fine needle, under controlled conditions.

There is little discomfort. Precautions we advise are to avoid alcohol for a week prior to treatment and anti-inflammatory medicine, or aspirin, for two weeks.

How long does it last?

The treatment generally takes three to seven days to show full benefit, but the effects then last up to about six months. 

A top up treatment is perfectly normal and as safe as the first treatment. To see the areas of your face where anti-wrinkle can help and a guide to fees at Langley, go to:
Anti-Wrinkle Costs & Areas We Treat