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Our Dentists At Langley

Dentalcare Group belong to the Investors In People scheme, suited to our social approach and helping staff perform well. Internal support and training do matter, the key to good treatment.

A state of the art surgery also helps and the type of staff at Langley. People join us because they welcome our patient first ethos.

Our dentists also appreciate the support they receive from colleagues, skilled dental nurses, receptionists. There is a link at the foot of this page, so you can meet all the staff at Langley.


Dental Sabine McGarry
Sabine McGarry BDS - Dentist - GDC No 158057

After gaining experience across a wide range of dentistry, in the West Midlands, London and Australia, Sabine joined Dentalcare Langley.

Her enthusiasm to work with a team is again welcome and her skills valued by Langley residents. Along with a range of general dentistry, Sabine takes a particular interest in oral surgery and paediatric dentistry.


Raffaele Cedrola - Dentist - GDC No 278793

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Rajinder Dharwar dentist Langley
Rajinder Dharwar BDS - Dentist - GDC No 80898

Rajinder brings a wide range of skills to Langley and has treated many Dentalcare patients over the years, to the standard they would wish for.

Her interest in diagnostic and screening procedures, surgical dentistry, treatment of disease, or injury, add much to our surgery. Ensuring a high level of service, across a range of disciplines and individual cases.


Bhavik Patel dentist
Bhavik Patel - Dentist - GDC No 229260

Bhavik qualified from Kings College London, the UK's largest specialist dental school, gaining valuable experience before joining Dentalcare.

His skills in sedation, oral surgery and aesthetic dentistry are an asset to our practice. Bhavik's belief in the importance of a friendly atmosphere and relaxed working environment are equally helpful, especially to anxious patients.


Alexandra Oliver dentist
Alexandra Oliver - Dentist - GDC No 192114

Alexandra qualified from the School of Dentistry at Birmingham University and takes a strong interest in paediatric dentistry.

Her specialist interest and a belief in making patients of all ages feel happy with their treatment are perfect for our family practice. Alexandra's thought for the feelings of others are equally welcomed by all the team at Langley.


Dentist Alex Ross
Alex Ross BDS - Dentist - GDC No 104165

Alex qualified in dental surgery at London University in 2006. In addition to general treatment, Alex has a strong interest in cosmetic dentistry.

He is known to create magical smile makeovers and for ensuring all treatment contributes to good dental health. Supporting the principle of lifetime care, which we regard as so important at Brackley practice.


Zenfira Haigh  - Hygienist - GDC No 263627

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Implantologist Goncalo Sanches
Goncalo Sanches MSc, LMD - Dentist - GDC No 254566

Goncalo leads Dentalcare's team for dental implants and periodontics, a surgeon who is well qualified and respected in his field.

His knowledge of case management, techniques such as sinus lift, bone grafts, plastic periodontal surgery is first rate. This has earned him a following amongst dental patients and referring dentists across Europe.


Dentist Gillian Ngae
Gillan Ngae BDS - Associate Dentist - GDC No 83012

Gillian has treated our patients for a decade and their loyalty speaks volumes, appreciating her caring support and friendly approach.

Building a friendly atmosphere amongst her colleagues is also important to Gillian. Her belief in the value of a welcoming, relaxed environment for patients fits so well with the entire ethos of Langley practice.


Dentist Shruti Gaonkar
Shruti Gaonkar BDS - Associate Dentist - GDC No 173916

Shruti worked in private practice before moving to the UK and joining Dentalcare over four years ago, enjoying the variety of work in general practice.

She does her utmost to ensure that visits are relaxing and comfortable for patients. The following she has built in Langley and from the wider area suggest they find this valuable, how dental treatment should be.


Devinia Keba hygienist and therapist
Devinia Kaba - Dental Hygienist & Therapist - GDC No 150351

Devinia qualified with a Diploma in Dental Hygiene and Therapy from Leeds University and brings a high level of skill to her varied role.

She enjoys working with our team, building a rapport with patients and offering great care. Devinia was short listed and nominated for Dental Therapist of The Year in 2014, at the Dental Hygiene & Therapy awards in London.


Dental hygienist Eniko Uveges
Eniko Uveges - Dental Hygienist - GDC No 190382

Eniko studied in Hungary, one of the leading countries in European dentistry and is also a trained dental nurse, a useful addition for all patients.

Based in the UK since 2010, Eniko has gained valuable experience across a range of practices. A belief on the value of working closely with her patients helping to overcome any fears they have and ensure excellent treatment.


Martina Rosa
Martina Rosa - Dentist - GDC No 184360

Martina graduated with honours in 2004 and attended a Master of Science in Endodontics in 2006 in Bologna, Italy. She moved to London in 2010 and has worked as a dentist with a special interest in Endodontics in the Kingston Hospital. 

She understands that root canal treatment causes apprehension in patients but endeavours to create a relaxing environment by explaining the details of the treatment. She treats all patients with a kind hand and positive attitude and aims to make every treatment pain free.

Dental staff placeholder
Seema Vedi - Dental Hygienist - GDC No 109385


Details to follow.




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