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Dentalcare's Independent Membership Plan

NHS online registration

1. Completing your registration online really does take just two minutes.

2. You will be transferred to a secure facility where your details are protected.

3. For your further security, each registration is validated by an SMS message to your phone.

4. You can choose an appointment to suit you from the calendar.

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Low Cost Fee Structure

Treatment Independent
Band 1 £23
Band 2 £67
Band 3 £267

Independent Patients

There are times we are unable to enrol additional NHS patients, a few patients are not eligible, or may prefer an alternative.

Patients of all ages are welcome to join our practice as independent members and will receive the same level of care as any registered patient. 

No need to pass a dental examination and free advice is included. You can call our friendly staff at any time on:

01865 341036

Controlled Costs

We are able to offer fees far below normal private treatment as part of Dentalcare Group's social ethos.

Current NHS costs for dental treatment are available on this website and a comparison with independent fees is shown in the table on this page.

We believe this transparency on fees is important and the value offered is unique. A great way to offer support.

Treatment Range

Band 1 : Diagnostic £23 - This covers an examination, x-rays if required and advice on dental health. Where needed, a scale and polish, fluoride varnish, or fissure sealant are included.

Band 2 : Conservation £67 - Including everything in Band 1, plus treatment such as fillings, root canal work, or if a dentist needs to take out one or more teeth.

Band 3 : Restoration £267 - Band 3 covers everything in Bands 1 and 2, plus crowns, dentures, or bridges.

Band 4 : Urgent Care £27 - Emergency appointments are available to anyone with an urgent problem. For assessment, advice, prescriptions, dressings.

Easy Registration

Registering online saves you time, lets you select an appointment and is designed to protect your details.

Click on the "Register and Book a Time Now" link. A new, secure window will open with clear instructions.