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Why Hook Needs NHS Dentistry

The Normans named the area La Hoke in the 11th century, old French for a breath of fine country air. By the 13th century, the name Hook appeared. Still for a hamlet dominated by countryside, just a few buildings along the road to the south west.

By the eighteenth century, the number of travelers increased and inns sprang up to serve them. Then came the railway, with a station opening in Hook in July 1883, a growing village soon followed.

Within 50 years, Hook reached sufficient size to become an independent civil parish, the following half century seeing further growth, which then slowed a little. Even so, Hook now holds an established population of around 7000.

Hook is still a village, with a sense of community but the size of many towns. There can be downsides to this, although the community spirit has flourished, with a number of friendly organisations and activity sharing options becoming well established. 

The population also need other forms of support, not least for their health. We are firm believers in the NHS and wished to ensure the people of Hook could access care in the way they should.

NHS Dentistry is both a right and essential service, to meet immediate treatment needs, or support long term wellbeing. Dentalcare believe that providing this in Hook is important and meets a key need for all the people living locally.