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Treatment At Dentalcare Hook

Hook practice offers a wide range of NHS and private dental treatment, from a scale and polish, to a filling, to skilled cosmetic dentistry. All round support for dental health and to bring out the best in your smile.

Our staff put patients first and consider their unique needs. Follow the links below to read more on the support we offer.


Dental hygienist with patient
Our Dental Hygienists

A visit to the hygienist can leave you feeling great and prevent the need for ongoing care. Apart from looking after your teeth and gums, our skilled hygienists spot issues at an early stage, reducing further treatment. 

Hygienist Services  


Girl after teeth whitening
Fine Tooth Whitening

A warm, glowing smile gives you and others you meet natural confidence. Brushing and flossing help with this but sometimes more is needed. The latest whitening techniques are safe, satisfying and incredibly effective.

Enjoying Whiter Teeth  


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Children's Dentistry

Becoming confident in dental treatment from an early age gives children a lifetime of value. We offer them a relaxed, caring place to visit and and ensure any underlying conditions are treated with the future in mind.

Dentistry for Children  


Girl with radiant smile
Cosmetic Dentistry

The latest techniques can bring wonderful results, even if you feel your teeth have been neglected. We believe feeling good about yourself is a natural right and beyond a great smile, cosmetic care contributes to all round health.

Cosmetic Treatment  


Boy smiling
For Straighter Teeth

A video on the page linked below describes an excellent type of clear braces, although we offer a range of treatment to suit individual needs. Orthodontic treatment is important to life, to your dental health and all round wellbeing.

Orthodontic Treatment  


Female patient smiling
Tooth Replacement

Dentalcare have staff dedicated to dental implants working across our practices. A full personal consultation is available, ensuring treatment will suit you, to replace one broken tooth, or a number of missing teeth.

See Dental Implants  


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For Nervous Patients

Many people are concerned about a visit to the dentist, nothing to be embarrassed about, even when your feelings are strong. We do understand how real your concerns are and work with you to find solutions.

Nervous Patient Advice  


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Planning Dental Costs

Dental treatment is a vital part of maintaining health and cost should not be a barrier. We can often arrange for payment over a period where that helps, or patients can benefit from joining our practice dental Plan.

Dental Plans & Finance