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Goncalo Sanches dental implantologist

Dental Implants At Hook

The staff member you see is Dr Goncalo Sanches, a dentist focused on dental implants and respected across Europe.

Dr Sanches works across several Dentalcare practices, providing the highest possible standard of care, at a realistic cost. An advantage of our social approach, with people as important as profit.

Dental implant patients in Hook can be referred to our nearest practice offering this specialist service. Langley in Bucks, or Pangbourne near Reading are logical choices.

Whether you need one tooth replacing, or a number, Dentalcare can offer an in depth consultation and the finest treatment. Both essential for a procedure meant to last a lifetime.

A few aspects of dental implants are covered below. We appreciate you may have questions, talk to your Hook dentist, or call our implant team on 01753 336518 to arrange a consultation with Dr Sanches.