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Private Dental Charges

Private dental costs vary significantly from practice to practice and in different areas across the UK. As a social dentist, Dentalcare try to be fair on pricing, a few points below may help with clarity.

Our "From" Clause: Almost all our prices are shown as "From £..." They are an accurate reflection of the fees we charge but every patient and every case is unique. We don't feel dentists can (or should) give a firm price until they have seen you.

Materials Used: Most treatments involve using dental materials, or for implants and orthodontics, the assistance of an outside lab. We believe that paying for the best is right for patients, if you see ultra cheap dental prices, materials may not be of the same standard.

Focused Care: For treatment such as implants and orthodontics, we choose to operate dedicated centres with highly experienced staff. Our local dentists are also very capable, we simply believe that unique care deserves unique skills and training.

Off The Shelf Pricing: We hear about increasing numbers of implant & ortho cases, where firm quotes are given over the phone. Apart from the fact they often change in the chair, dentists can only tell what treatment you need by in depth assessment.

The National Average

Alongside our fees, we provided typical UK costs. These can only be an estimate but are drawn from community input websites such as What Price and dental surveys. Additional aspects to consider are:

Very Low Prices: You will see remarkable price offers on the web and elsewhere. You may be lucky, perhaps a new dentist trying to attract custom but in general, we would advise you to check qualifications and carry out research on the material suppliers.

Partial Pricing: Every dentist should be happy to provide you with a written treatment plan and inclusive costs. Please be careful on high cost treatments e.g. Quoting just for an implant (artificial root) but not the crown is not unknown and in our view, misleading.

Specialist Treatment: The cost of private dental treatment such as surgery, or orthodontics can be notable. One reason is the skill level which should be involved. Please ensure you are being treated by the right person, a particularly low cost may suggest not.

Pricing Trends: Private dental costs have been relatively static for several years, the moderate increase starting to take hold in 2015/16 may be nullified by Brexit uncertainty. Advances in technology could also widen competition and see current pricing maintained.

Classification Patient Fees Points To Note
Regular Treatment
New Patient Personal Examination £35 Including all x-rays required
Existing Patient Routine Examination £30 Including all x-rays required
Emergency Appointment £42 Please call reception for support
Out of Hours Emergency Appointment £125 Please call reception for support
Small Radiographs £5 A speedy route to a bright, confident smile
Panoral Radiograph £15 This includes your dentist making moulds
Restorative / Preventive Services
Fissure Sealants  From £20  
Amalgam Filling From £70 Multiple filling costs on assessment
Composite Filling From £115  
Glass Ionomer Filling From £70  
Veneers From £550  
Aesthetic Crowns From £550  
Bridge per unit From £550  
Posterior Crowns PMF From £550  
Posterior Crowns Gold From £600  
Root Canal Treatment £155 - £350 Depending on the number of root channels
Single Arch Full Denture From £400  
Single Partial Arch Denture From £350  
Cobalt Chrome From £500  
Surgical Services
Apicectomy From £275  
Extractions From £95  
Surgical Extractions £160  
Specialist Services
Periodontist Consultation £90 Referral to our Pangbourne practice
Implant Consultation £70 Referral to our Pangbourne practice
Implants Incl. Restoration £1,980 Referral to our Pangbourne practice
Removable Orthodontics
Clear Aligners £1,200  
Inman Aligners From £1,200  
Quick Straight Teeth From £1,700  
Invisalign From £2,300  
Fixed Orthodontics - Cost depends on individuals needs
Cosmetic Services
Home Whitening £299  
Zoom Whitening £399  
Zoom and Home Whitening £500  
Hygiene Appointment £49 30 minutes

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