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The Role Of Staff At Dentalcare

Dentalcare staff understand that clients arriving for an appointment can have other matters on their mind, or be occupied with the appointment itself. We are all the same in an environment we are not often in, not least one which is important to our health. 

Away from your eye, much takes place to see you receive the right care and involves a range of staff. Each has their role, bringing in more than is obvious and working as part of a team.

Dental Receptionists - Responsible for arranging appointments and managing our booking system, which includes online, or email facilities, phone calls and related admin for all of them.

A receptionist is the first person patients normally see. An opportunity to pick up on any anxiety, or practical concerns and ensure you speak to their colleagues if this will help.

Practicing Dentists - Dentists are of course there to carry out check ups and your treatment but offer more. A core part of their role is preventing dental health problems, spotting issues early on, to ensure treatment to stop them escalating.

Identifying early onset of decay, or gum disease is vital, as is the advice they can offer. Never feel worried about talking with your dentist about any issue, they want you to.

Dental Hygienists - A dental hygienist carries out treatments such as cleaning, scaling and polishing, in most cases as part of a plan recommended by your dentist.

Useful to note this is a two way process and as with the dentists above, hygienists are there to spot, or prevent problems, to promote dental health. They are highly trained in their own right and offer valuable feedback on patients to other staff.

Dental Therapists - Therapists carry out similar treatments to dental hygienists, again to a plan organised by a dentist, although they can also carry out wider tasks.

These can range from work on baby teeth, to helping patients with complex, unique requirements, such as any who find access to dental treatment difficult, through disability, or treatment anxiety. Ensuring treatment for all is an important role.

Dental Nurses - Nurses assist the team in every facet of care and patients whilst they undergo treatment. Preparing instruments and materials for dentists ensures they can focus on their work, although good dental nurses are equally focused.

An awareness of how comfortable a patient is and how they respond to any action is vital, a second pair of eyes for the dentist while they concentrate on their detailed tasks.

Specialist Support. Many dentists are able to carry out varied treatment but if they feel a specialist is the best option, they may suggest this. Treatment by an orthodontist, periodontist, perhaps a dental implant specialist are examples.

Their skills and experience may be available at the practice, or at a specialist Dentalcare practice, such as the Swindon orthodontics unit, to ensure you receive treatment which meets your needs.

Neither should we forget other key staff, who maintain our practices and keep them exceptionally clean. Their role is important to the team effort, requires skill, dedication.

The point on staff working together should be the impetus behind any dental surgery. We list separate roles as this is useful but our ethos at all Dentalcare practices is about working together.