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Chris Gouws Orthodontist

Orthodontics In Brackley

With experience in the field of orthodontics spanning two decades, we are pleased to have Dr Christian Gouws leading our team.

His qualifications, including a DPDS diploma in orthodontics and oral surgery are of value, although his knowledge is the key. Bringing the patients who visit us exceptional treatment.

They enjoy Chris's passion for dentistry, focused on preservation and enhancement. The support he provides combines the best elements of general, cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry.

Having straighter teeth is important but should come about as part of an integrated approach. So the smile you achieve matches your wishes and lasts, along with your dental health.

Orthodontics in Brackley is about treating the person, meeting unique needs. You are welcome to talk to us about your needs at any time, or see a little more information below.

An Aesthetic Option

Orthodontics now offers solutions which do not require braces to be permanently in place, or be easy to see when they are. The Invisalign system is a good example of:

Removable Clear Braces  
A Modern Solution

Where fixed braces are the best treatment, the latest systems are again very different from those available a few years ago. See how patients of all ages can benefit from:

The Latest Fixed Braces