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Brackley town centre

Why Brackley Needs NHS Dentistry

Throughout the Iron Age and Roman occupation, settlement took place around Brackley. The village bearing that name established not too long after the Romans left and growing over time, benefiting from being on a well used commercial route.

Norman rule saw Brackley continue to grow, religious buildings and a castle constructed. In the early 13th century, the town was chosen for a key meeting to establish the terms of Magna Carta.

The arrival of the coaching era brought further trade and travellers. Local industry also growing, from the wool and lace making of those times, to well known companies who now thrive in the area. Transport links and location just as useful to them.

Brackley has not stopped expanding, with a population of about 14500, five times that of a century ago and still growing. Community activity is equally established, from the music festival and carnival, to any number of local organisations for shared interests. 

The people of Brackley still need other support, to maintain and enjoy good health. We believe this should come from the NHS and are pleased the opportunity to provide care to Brackley came about.

NHS Dentistry is a vital service, for urgent care and lifetime health. A town the size of Brackley should have good choices and ready access to the best dental treatment. Dentalcare look forward to being part of this, bringing support to local people for the next century.