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NHS dental surgery with staff

Brackley NHS Dentist - Online Registration

NHS online registration

1. Please Note - We are currently unable to accept new NHS patients.

2. This is not a decision from Dentalcare and we continue to try to increase places.

3. If you wish to join our NHS waiting list. Please use our appointment form to:

Email Us Your Details  

4. An Alternative - Dentalcare have their own membership system similar to the NHS.

5. This is a unique Dentalcare option, created to offer all patients good treatment at fair cost.

6. The long term commitment to patients and a treatment banding structure remain:

See Independent Patients  

NHS Waiting List

Our waiting list is fairly maintained. Please make sure to tick "I am a new patient" on the appointment form. Our staff will contact you to discuss options.

NHS Registration

We will make clear on this page when places are made available for Dentalcare Brackley NHS patients.

Joining our practice waiting list in the meantime makes sense and we will contact you, rather than you needing to check.

Should you have any concerns, or just want to talk to our friendly staff, call:

01280 730888

NHS Costs

The detailed costs framework set by the Department of Health is followed in full by Brackley NHS surgery.

Examples of fees for a range of treatment and a complete table of NHS charges are on our dental costs page.

Exempt Treatment

Those under 18, or who are pregnant, or have a baby less than a year old, will normally receive free NHS treatment.

People in receipt of a range of benefits, or with a low income certificate, also receive free, or lower cost NHS dental treatment.

NHS Brackley

Our practice was founded to support the NHS, our staff are committed supporters, ensuring the best treatment.

Being able to treat people of all ages and differing needs is a great benefit and adds pleasure to our work.

Our patients seem to share that view, making Brackley surgery a happy place to visit and to be part of.

Care Standards

A key factor in the feeling of belonging is the high standard of care all patients can expect to receive.

Our Brackley NHS dentists offer a level of expertise and support which ensures your visit is a relaxed, satisfying event.

Extra Treatment

There will be a few cases where personal requirements call for treatment outside the NHS remit. We are pleased to assist.

Skilled cosmetic dentists provide you with up to date and effective treatment. To truly make you smile, with the confidence you know you have.