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Dental Treatment FAQ

All our staff are happy to discuss questions, or concerns you have at any time. Being comfortable with and confident in your dental treatment helps bring success.

There are a few questions which we are asked regularly. You are still welcome to ask again, although our brief answers may help:

Are You Going To Continue NHS Treatment?

Both Dentalcare Group and Brackley practice are totally committed to NHS dentistry. We can not envisage any reason for this changing.

Even at times when NHS finances mean we can not accept more patients, we offer them equivalent treatment ourselves, at more or less the same cost.

Is Your Dental Surgery Up To Date?

Brackley only opened in 2014 and was fitted out with the most modern equipment available. On the basis of the needs of patients and staff, rather than a fixed budget.

Treatment, diagnostic facilities, hygiene equipment and management systems are up to date, as is our approach to staff training.

Do You Offer Specialist Treatment?

Dentalcare tend to employ experienced, well qualified dentists. Many of them have a special interest in defined treatment areas, along with the required skills.

Where there are unique needs, every dental skill is available within our group. Dentalcare specialists also regularly visit other practices, such as the Brackley dental implants clinic.

Are Quotes Given For Treatment Costs?

Guide prices for most treatments are available at Brackley practice, or on this website. Part of the open and fair pricing policy you would expect from a social dentist.

We prefer to give firm prices after a personal consultation. This avoids error, or misunderstanding, in a field where patient needs are unique,

Do Treatment Costs Keep Building?

Another reason we quote after a consultation is to avoid variation. This makes the need to change tack rare and gives our dental patients peace of mind.

Although you may know, worth bearing in mind that for NHS treatment, payment is in fixed bands. You pay according to the band and that does not change due to the amount of treatment.

Will You Help People Who Are Nervous?

All Brackley staff wish to ensure open access to dentistry. This naturally includes supporting people who are especially concerned about visiting a dentist.

Their needs are not treated in a passing way. Apart from use of anaesthesia, there are a number of techniques which can help and most of our staff are trained in them.

What Should I Do After Dental Treatment?

Your dentist will normally go through this after each visit. In most cases, there is no need to vary your day too much, although a few thoughts may apply.

Sticking to soft foods for a while can help, along with avoiding hot food and drink. Until your mouth returns to normal, you could burn yourself without realising.

What Are Your Employment Policies?

From a patient's perspective, we only employ skilled, well qualified staff. All treatment staff are registered with the General Dental Council, their registration numbers are on our staff page.

As a Dentalcare employee, pay levels are good and personal support excellent. We belong to the Investors In People Scheme and go beyond this in many ways.

Are You Insured & Properly Regulated?

Dentalcare are fully insured and all our practices are overseen by the Care Quality Commission. They inspect and report independently on Dentalcare Brackley.

Treatment carried out by our registered dentists, hygienists and therapists is under the terms of and subject to the scrutiny of the General Dental Council.

Do My Opinions Make Any Difference?

More than you might imagine. Dentalcare is a non profit group run for the benefit of patients, our services and approach largely come from your input.

The patient feedback facility on this website is an example. Where you can complete a detailed questionnaire, or email our MD directly. He really does read them all.

If you have any comments, or ideas you wish to pass on, or questions on dental health we can help with, you are equally welcome to contact Brackley practice at any time.