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Treatment At Dentalcare Brackley

Brackley practice provides a complete range of NHS and private dental treatment, from a filling, to cosmetic dentistry, to skilled reconstruction. At the heart of all our treatment is an emphasis on long term health and individual needs.

Our staff put patients first when any decision is made. Follow the links below to read more on the dedicated care we offer.


Dental hygienist with patient
Our Dental Hygienists

Patients often see a dental hygienist because their visit leaves them feeling and looking better. Good reasons in themselves, although skilled hygienists can also help identify problems early and reduce the need for treatment. 

Brackley Hygienists  


Girl after teeth whitening
Tooth Whitening

A dental treatment offering immediate benefit and great value. A glowing smile gives you and people you meet confidence. Part of sound health itself and whitening helps in other ways, no better incentive to care for your teeth and gums.

Enjoy Whiter Teeth  


Boy smiling
Orthodontic Care

Care is a better word for orthodontics than treatment, when so much more is involved than straighter teeth, confidence, self belief. Follow the link to see a video on a leading type of clear braces and information on a wide range of options.

Brackley Orthodontics  


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Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are a lifetime treatment deserving the best care. Dentalcare have a dentist focused on implants working across our practices, including Brackley. A full consultation is available, to ensure treatment will suit you.

See Dental Implants  


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Caring For Children

Ensuring children are used to visiting the dentist from an early age adds value for life. We make sure they come to a relaxed, caring practice, feel at home and receive all the treatment they need to support natural development. 

Dentistry for Children  


Girl with radiant smile
Cosmetic Treatment

We are fortunate to have dentists working at the practice with high level cosmetic skills. As valuable as popular dental treatments such as teeth whitening are, Dentalcare Brackley can offer support for more complex, personal needs.

Cosmetic Dentistry  


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Helping Nervous Patients

Everyone has a right to access good dental treatment and our staff will work with you to remove barriers. They understand how real your concerns are, that fear of dentists is not a reason for embarrassment, they offer solutions.

For Nervous Patients  


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Dental Plans & Finance

Maintaining your health is our priority, we will do all we can to help with costs. This can include arranging for payment over a period where that suits, or patients can benefit all round from joining a suitable Dentalcare Plan.

Planning Dental Costs