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Independent Patients - More Than An Alternative

NHS online registration

1. Completing your registration online really does take just two minutes.

2. You will be transferred to a secure facility where your details are protected.

3. Please use the "Private" tab and add an "Independent Patient" note as requested.

4. For your further security, each registration is validated by an SMS message to your phone.

5. You can choose your first appointment to suit you from the calendar.

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Low Cost Fee Structure

Treatment Independent
Band 1 £23
Band 2 £67
Band 3 £267

Independent Patients

Dentalcare Group carefully built this option so everyone could access treatment on a fair and equal basis. Whether NHS places were open no longer so vital

All are welcome to register as independent patients and receive care at least to NHS standards. Perhaps independent patients see a little more flexibilty.

This includes early appointments and any advice we can offer. If you have questions at any time, call our friendly staff on:

01743 543742

Controlled Costs

Dentalcare Group are a social dentist and choose to offer comprehensive treatment at a cost close to NHS fees.

Current NHS costs are on this website and a comparison table is on this page. You will see the fees are not so different. Well below the cost of private dentistry

We believe that independent membership is a great way to give support, offer unique value to the people of Berinsfield.

Treatment Range

Band 1 : Diagnostic £23 - This covers an examination, diagnosis (including X-rays) advice on improving your oral health, a scale, polish, fluoride varnish, or fissure sealant when needed.

Band 2 : Conservation £67 - Everything in Band 1 is covered, along with treatment such as fillings, root canal work, or if your dentist needs to extract one or more teeth. Even where more than one appointment is needed, you only pay one Band 2 charge.

Band 3 : Restoration £267 - This covers everything in Bands 1 and 2 plus intensive restoration work, such as crowns, dentures and bridges. 

Emergency Appointments £27 - These are open to anyone with an immediate problem and include assessment, advice prescriptions and dressings.

Lifetime Care

Explaining treatment bands is useful and illustrates the similarity to NHS treatment. We would mention again one further way they are similar. Independent care is for life and sustained health.