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Treatment At Dentalcare Berinsfield

Berinsfield practice provides a full range of dental treatment, to NHS, independent and private patients. This includes meeting urgent need, although our focus is on preventative, lifetime care, for your health and your smile.

We believe your needs are met by building relationships, ensuring our staff understand the unique requirements of every person joining our practice.


Dental hygienist with patient
Our Dental Hygienists

You may be interested in watching a short video on our hygienists page, reminding us all how well trained and qualified they are. Ensuring your teeth and gums are clean is part of the service, yet they offer far wider dental care.

Hygienist Services  


Girl after teeth whitening
Teeth Whitening

Carried out by or under the supervision of a dentist, teeth whitening is a safe treatment with clear benefits. A fantastic smile, a great feeling about yourself and we find patients care for their teeth after treatment, good for their looks and health.

Enjoying Whiter Teeth  


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Children's Dentistry

Learning to trust dentists and understand the value of regular treatment is so important for children. We will admit to giving them special treatment to see this happens, in a friendly, relaxing way they will feel comfortable with.

Dentistry for Children  


Boy smiling
Orthodontic Treatment

The orthodontics page linked below has a video showing an excellent system which provides quick results. Dentalcare also offer a number of alternatives to suit your needs and a free in depth consultation, in a vital area of treatment.

For Straighter Teeth  


Female patient smiling
Tooth Replacement

Dentalcare retain an implants dentist with Europe wide experience, to work across a number of practices. Whether you need to replace one broken tooth, or a number, high quality treatment and the latest techniques offer a good solution.

See Dental Implants  


Girl with radiant smile
Cosmetic Dentistry

A fine smile makes you feel good and those around you, your confidence shared with them. The latest techniques make this possible for so many more people and there is a bonus, good cosmetic dentistry benefits your health. 

Cosmetic Treatment  


Dental booking on mobile
Helping Nervous Patients

Everyone has the right to access good dental treatment and we understand how real the barriers can be for some patients. All our dentists and staff will work with you, to create a situation where you can feel comfortable visiting them.

Nervous Patient Advice  


Calling dentist on mobile
Planning Dental Costs

Whatever route patients take to joining a dental practice and however hard we try, cost can become a factor. Dentalcare offer no cost finance, or a range of dental plans, to try to ensure your needs and your budget can come together.

Dental Plans & Finance