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About Dentalcare Group

With over 50 years experience, Dentalcare offer the finest dental treatment, built through listening to our patients.

Our practices locations across southern England vary from villages, to urban centres but hold the same principle. Dental treatment should be developed with patients, not just presented to them.

This allows us to create unique practices, offering NHS and private treatment in line with local needs. Patients also have easy access to specialist centres, for orthodontics, or dental implants.

Caring For Our Patients

Dentalcare's focus is on oral health for life and we offer a full range of care to meet the requirements of each stage. From children's dentistry, to fine restoration:

Complete Dental Treatment  
Supporting Local Towns

We are staunch believers in the NHS and as a flexible group, always happy to provide support across a wider area. A good example is our strong commitment to:

NHS Dentistry In Abingdon